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Super Slack Bots for Stronger Remote Teams

October 18, 2021

For some of us, Slack holds our best memories at work. We basically live on the beautiful software, it’s a space where teams come together to do amazing stuff.

And as if that’s not enough, we get to have Slack bots to make this awesome software even more awesome. Without further ado, here are some useful bots for a stellar Slack experience!

More Engagement on Slack

Bots that help your team connect better with work.

TINYPulse: An employee engagement platform for surveys, recognition culture, and anonymous suggestions to boost productivity & retention.

Grow: Another cool feedback bot. With templates, Grow makes the feedback process faster and improves the quality of responses. They also care for the environment by planting trees based on how you use Grow.

Heytaco: A brilliant recognition bot. With Heytaco, you can build camaraderie, boost engagement and encourage appreciation on your team by gifting digital tacos, super tacos, jalapeno sauce and other tasty stuff (I’m suddenly hungry 😥) to celebrate your teammates. Heytaco helps increases human connections in a remote space.

Disco: Another great Slack bot built to promote recognition, appreciation and engagement culture at work. With weekly pulse surveys, kudos and other features, Disco helps to build strong and healthy team culture.

Polly: Polly is another poll bot to help get feedback on your team’s pulse & engagement levels. With asynchronous standups, onboarding feedback, social games (trivia, hot takes & employee awards), Polly has it all.

PTO by Roots: A simple bot that helps improve the employee absence experience while on Slack. It makes absences easy to request for, track and even auto-responds while employees are away.

Culture Juice on Slack

Bots that help to bring your team closer together.

Lunch Roulette: With this bot, members of your team can come together for lunch. Randomly grouping coworkers for lunch or coffee, about 3–8 people. Asks individuals in private and gets approval first, to prevent getting stood up.

Donut: What’s better than a doughnut? Nothing. The Slack Donut, maybe. This bot helps to improve friendships and connections at work through team lunches, daily donut meetings and cross-department introductions.

Donut helps mentorships & learning, shadowing, matching onboarding buddies, and virtual lunches too.

AllyBot: Just down the alley, we have the AllyBot. To promote inclusive language in Slack conversations, AllyBot suggests great ways to improve your texting for inclusion, just like Grammarly.

Sparkly: An interesting Slack bot that matches people with similar interests to encourage new connections. Great for fast-growing teams, Sparkly asks people about their (work-related & non-work-related) interests and introduces them to others like them.

Icebreakers: Icebreakers helps you get to know your coworkers and help new hires feel welcome. It asks teammates get-to-know-you questions, photo trivia and weekend highlights. It provides teammates with the opportunity to share about their lives.

Kiara: An impressive bot that offers real-time language translation in Slack. With up to 100 languages available, Kiara supports international collaboration and customer support. It saves the copy & paste time of using a translator, allowing you to text naturally in your native tongue.

Twice the Fun on Slack

Two fun bots for twice the fun (no buts).

Birthdaybot: Keep track of everyone’s birthday with this one. It allows you to plan a proper celebration with cards, shared wishlists and collected greetings from everyone including the bot. Opt-out included. :)

Giphy: Without GIFs, all texting is futile. I’m kidding. GIFs help to humanise conversations with your teammates and communicate your intentions better. 10/10 bot, I do recommend.

Here’s one of my favourites.

Cool Tools on Slack

These surely come in handy.

Zoom: Quickly initiate/join Zoom meetings & calls, and share screens from Slack with this bot.

Wonder: With wonder, you no longer have to (wonder, I mean). It’s a bot that helps you remember important information, all you have to do is ask when you need it.

Sigh, they didn’t have a better image I could use

Tettra Wiki: Tettra Wiki is, well, a wiki. It helps you organise & share team knowledge on Slack, and find stuff easily too. That way, important information is available to everyone at any time.

Automate.io: For automating tasks with apps, two top bots are Automate.io and Zapier. They’re both pretty good.

Chatlio: Chatlio is pretty handy to chat with visitors on your website directly from Slack. Neat stuff.

Reclaim: Reclaim automatically syncs your Slack status with your calendar events, but keeps the details private. It’s good for protecting your time, routines and habits so you can be more productive.

Obie: Easily create smart, searchable wikis and documents with Obie to save time and provide information to everyone on your team.

Peaking Productivity on Slack

Bots to keep everyone accountable, and help your team move forward.

Kyber: A productivity & project management bot with an array of tools to keep everyone moving. It also comes with message scheduling, instant polls & to-do lists.

Trello: Control Trello from Slack with this one. Add new cards to boards, update cards & boards and basically use most of Trello without having to leave Slack.

Standup.ly: Asynchronous productivity reports, performance, progress, happiness, obstacles and more. It also includes some important app integrations for productivity.

Nikabot Time Tracking: A bot to help your team quickly log in progress reports of daily work, available as overviews for team leads.

That's all, folks!

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