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:Delmain: From a Low-Traffic Job Offering to 3 Epic Remote Employees

September 30, 2022

When Dan and Paul from :Delmain contacted us, they wanted to make sure that their job offering was attractive enough to retain their future hires. :Delmain is a web design & online marketing company from Portland, Oregon that’s focused on dental clinics.

6 months ago, they were having trouble filling their open positions. They’d posted their job offering on LinkedIn, but it didn’t get enough traffic or applications from their city. Even a post highlighting their benefits wasn’t making any headway. Then they found Athyna.

In addition to high-quality candidates, they wanted to make them feel part of :Delmain - not just “freelancers” or “contractors”, but one of their very own.

So when we began the recruitment process for the Content Strategist role they wanted to fill, we kept all this in mind.

We first sat with them on an alignment call to understand in-depth what their hiring needs were.

Once we confirmed that we knew what to look for, we paired them up with an industry-specific sourcer, Andres and recruiter, Karen who began the recruitment process immediately.

In addition to high-quality candidates, they wanted to make them feel part of :Delmain - not just “freelancers” or “contractors”, but one of their very own.

We created and tailored their job description to highlight :Delmain’s strongest suits and targeted the fast-growing market of remote talent in Latin America. We also sat with Dan & Paul to beef up their benefits in a way that would appeal to the talent market there.

By the time we were presenting the best 3 candidates for them to interview, we had worked together to make sure that the candidate they picked was going to be the right one for them.

They interviewed each of the candidates and took some time to make their decision and negotiate on starting salary. $15/hour.

They decided on Paula, who was previously working remotely from Colombia as a Copywriter & SEO Specialist at a dev+design firm in Florida, USA.

With about 12 years of experience with content marketing, Paula was eager to join :Delmain and take on the new challenge.

We worked with Dan & Paul to adjust their benefits in a way that met her expectations and THE perfect match was made!

Our team took just 2 weeks to present the top 3 candidates to :Delmain. Once they had hired Paula as their Content Strategist, we handed them over to Clari, a Customer Success Manager.

She supported them with the onboarding process, especially because Paula was their first remote employee.

We organise check-ins with them every two months to see how things are going and we have to say, :Delmain & Paula are a match made in heaven.

Feedback from Paula: “This month at :Delmain has been great, it's a great place to work, very organized, and the team is awesome. They are very nice and communicative, and they've helped me with everything I've needed. I really have no complaints at all.”

Shortly after hiring Paula, they requested for talent to fill two more open roles - also success stories. 

They’ve requested for two more people again and as you’re reading this, we’re currently on the job.

Typical US Salary
With Athyna
Bill Kerr

CEO of Athyna, i.e my whole team is smarter than me. Chronic utopian.

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