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4 Unfair Advantages of Hiring With A TaaS (Talent-as-a-Service) Company

Walo Olapoju
4 Unfair Advantages of Hiring With A TaaS (Talent-as-a-Service) Company


Taas (Talent-as-a-Service) companies are taking over the hiring world at a rapid pace. They solve the hiring problem by providing businesses with the high-quality talent they need to scale their businesses — quickly and at a reduced cost.

Most of them simply provide talent to take on extra tasks that your team doesn’t have the capacity for in the short term and charge per project.

Others use a subscription model to hire and manage talent as full employees to help scale businesses.

With the development of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) businesses and tools, telecommuting is becoming easier and more common. Also, due to the lockdown, businesses believe even more in remote work.

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Remote Work

You probably don't know this, but humans worked from home for quite some time.

Before the Industrial Revolution, nobody really went to an office. We only started “going to work” to pool efforts to build bigger and better things. It wasn’t long before we built the internet (1980).

Telecommuting started in the late 1970s — 1979, to be exact. Five of IBM’s employees worked from home as an experiment to reduce their office expenses. Four earth revolutions later (in 1983), 2000 IBM staff were working from home. By 2009, IBM was saving $2bn.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work became normal. In some industries (hospitality, airlines, tourism and so), WFH wasn’t possible yet. But others thrived. Companies realised they didn’t need to be in the same room to do awesome things.

Many businesses saw the potentials of telecommuting, and 97.6% of remote employees said yes to working remotely forever. Work has become liberating, as its limitations diminish.

Buffer's 2021 report says it all.

What All of This Means for Your Business

With remote work on the rise due to COVID, TaaS companies grew exponentially. Freelance businesses like Fiverr saw a 68% boost in their talent pipeline, and B2B hiring companies broke massive new ground.

By hiring remotely, startups were able to gain these unfair advantages:

Time-saving: Hiring is an extensive process, for different reasons. By recruiting remote talent, businesses save 100% of the time used to source, interview and hand-pick the best candidates for open roles. With their experience and staff, TaaS companies can present amazing candidates in days. (Ahem, Athyna's team pays attention to your hiring needs, and works hard to present the best candidates in a week.)

Industry experience. Awesomeness. Empathy. That's our recruitment team. We won't source for roles we don't know enough about.

Cost redirecting: A TaaS company that hires ethically from a global pool can save your business up to 100k each year per employee. That means you can redirect those funds into scaling instead. If remote work is feasible in your industry, building a remote team is a smart move for the future. We saving businesses more than 70% of their recruitment costs and hire ethically. (Just thought you’d like to know is all.)

Into sunk costs for new hires? Screw that. We can save you up to 100k per hire, per year.

Management: The TaaS model is a subscription model — they’re focused on your satisfaction with their talent. This means that apart from presenting the best on the market, they also manage, pay and help retain the talent you pay them monthly for.

We don't get paid unless you're happy. We're in this for the long haul.

Candidate Quality: A major reason for hiring difficulties is the limited number of high quality talent available. With the growing number of startups and the salary offerings of large corporations, it makes it hard to find a great hire. So, Athyna sources from a global pool of world-class talent instead, filling junior, mid-level and executive roles in various departments. (Juuust putting it out there.)

You want awesome? We've got phenomenal. We're here for you.

Top companies in the world are already fully remote or hybrid: Buffer. Google. Apple. Microsoft. Spotify. Slack. Facebook. Amazon.

In a few years, your business could become a unicorn, thanks to the high-quality talent on your team. 🦄

Are you ready for the future? Hire for your next open role with Athyna.