Interesting Places to Work Remotely

Walo Olapoju
Interesting Places to Work Remotely

If you’re one for adventure, you picked the right work style. Now here are some interesting places to explore remote work and provide novelty. Be warned, not all of these are COVID-proof.

Special points for resourcefulness during lockdown. 🧡

10 points for practicality.

Working from Home, or WFH: In a single or shared office. You should work from home when you need a consistent environment you can control. If you need social support, you can share a workspace with a friend or a partner who also works remotely.

“Hey Google, play Work by Rihanna.”

Pro tip:

  • If you’re feeling unmotivated or lonely with no remote-working friends or family, you can try setting up a virtual shared space where you’re on a call with a coworker or fellow remote worker. You can switch off your cameras and mute your mics, and check up on each other at set times.

Coffee Shops (post-COVID): Coffee shops probably miss you right now. Working from a coffee shop is a good idea if you enjoy the occasional distraction of people’s soft voices.

A coffee shop is also a brilliant idea to get away from home when you want to be around other humans without necessarily socializing.

Remember to be polite and pay for stuff. Here’s a guide to remote work in a coffee shop. For now, just play some ambient noise on your speakers.

Darth Vader says hi.

Parks: The scenery is (probably) amazing, until your laptop dies. A park is a good place to hold a meeting or discussion, or do some creative thinking.

Ergonomically speaking, you’re unlikely to find a posture-friendly setup there if you need to use a mouse or keyboard. But if you find one, camp there, and mark your territory. Howl!

Libraries (post-COVID): Choosing to work in a library means literally no distractions — you just have to find the perfect spot and then go crazy. Remember to take your accessory bag with all your important cables and chargers, and to keep ergonomics in mind.

Also, you won’t be able to make calls here, so it’s best for focused work.

Coworking Spaces (post-COVID): When you want to get away from home, but need a motivating space for work + work facilities, try a co-working hub.

You should never forget your headphones though. These places can get a little too motivating if you know what I mean.

If you have to deal with background noise, use Krisp. Check out this blog for other cool software for remote work.


A Work Pod (Stationary or Mobile): If that sounds like your thing, more and more of these are becoming available. Maybe soon, we’ll be able to float them to outer space.

But in reality, people are rigging up old vans to take work with them, and building dedicated workspaces in outhouses.

You should go for a stationary workspace if you need a place outside of home to work. However, if you don’t mind maintenance and transportation costs in search of adventure, let’s get a move on in a rigged van.

The Back of A Old Van/RV: Strictly for super spy stuff.

“What? Me? Suspicious? 👀”
Heisenberg’s uncertainty.

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