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Turn your team
climate neutral

Now there's something your business can easily do about the world's biggest problem.

A dedicated platform to monitor your team’s carbon footprint

Make your team proud to protect the planet in a few clicks and we'll handle the rest. Purchase & control error-free carbon credits that are tailored to each employee's location. Do the right thing by the world and your employees and clients will thank you.

How it works:

Enter your team’s information
Calculate your total per capita emissions
We offset those emissions, making you carbon neutral (boom, pow!)

Support meaningful climate projects

Restoring forests in eastern India

This REDD+ project aims to slow, halt and reverse the loss of community forests by providing support, new technologies and financial incentives to conserve existing forests and regenerate degraded forests

Protecting tropical rainforests in Vanuatu

90% of the forest on this island has been cleared for commercial coconut plantations.
This project provides economic alternatives to the community to preserve the remaining habitat of critically endangered species.

Restoring degraded grasslands in rural Mongolia

This project aims to enhance the natural grasslands through better land management and reducing erosion the project will encourage soil regeneration.

Become Climate
Neutral Certified

Stand for impact and wear it confidently. Be a business that cares enough to do something about the biggest problem we face today. Make your team proud & spread the word with this Climate Neutral badge.

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Calculate your team's carbon footprint

Select the countries where your team is located and how many there are per country. This allows us to make the most accurate calculation.

Add Country & Team Members
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Based on the number of team members and where they live, we will show the team's total carbon footprint here.
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Athyna Climate offers an easy way tooffset your team’s emissions.

Climate change is upon us. To prevent further damage to our future, we should aim to limit global average temperature increase to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. This corresponds to reducing global annual CO₂ emissions from 40 gigatons per year currently... To net zero by 2050! This is the biggest challenge the world has ever faced: inventing new ways to undo years of atmospheric damage in record time. We have to drastically slow down the global warming (land & ocean) from 3°C to 1.5°C or we're toast.
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Benefits to a sustainable company

Attract better talent

Studies show (Swytch) that 70% of workers are more likely to apply to a sustainable company. Nearly half of those polled also said that they would take a pay cut if they were working for an environmentally or socially responsible company.

More innovation

Having higher levels of purpose throughout your organization shows to drive innovation by up to 30% (Deloitte). Simply put, inspire your employees and they will work more creatively. Studies also show more innovative companies outperform the competition.

Appeal to your market

Consumers prefer to buy good and services from companies that reflect their values and beliefs when possible, studies show (Accenture). 62% of consumers polled said that they would choose companies that aligned with their interests.

Create a community

It has been shown that brands who show a strong purpose in the eyes of consumers are recommended 4.5 times more to friends and family (Zeno Group) than brands without. Build impact and build yourself a pack of stark-raving fans.

Employee engagement

The average costs of disengaged employees is between $3,400 and $10,000 per year studies have shown. This costs companies $350B per annum (Gallup) in the US alone. Buck the trend. Inspire your people and do better business.

Outperform the market

The most compelling evidence (EY) shows that purposeful companies outperform the stock market by 42% and companies without a sense of purpose within their mission/vision underperform the market by an average on 40% across the board. Incredible.

Come join us

We believe very much that surrounding ourselves with great people and treating them well will always win out in the long run. Makes sense right?

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