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Easy, locally compliant contracts

Hire the best short-term and freelance talent at the click of a button. Manage billing all in one place.

Hire internationally with ease using Athyna’s locally compliant contracts

Find the best talent in 150+ countries. Hire and onboard your company’s short-term talent in minutes on our platform and know that you are covered with locally compliant contracts. How good is that?

“Athyna’s team is highly efficient, skilled and an absolute pleasure to work with. We were super impressed from the very start.”
Jeremy Blaze 🇦🇺

Avoid expensive compliance mistakes

Compliance is a pain, and making mistakes is veeery costly. Never worry about compliance headaches again. Use our pre-set compliant contract to protect you and your talent from nasty fines and penalties. Let our experts sweat the messy stuff on your behalf.

Pay your whole team in one click

Wave goodbye to the stress of global payroll. Simple, fast and transparent function that pays out in 100 different currencies at the click of a button. Easily manage short-term, permanent or part-time staff as well as pay-as-you-go freelancers at the click of a button.

24/7 support

We know business is tough at times. Not to mention the world of remote work and global teams can be anything but simple. With us, you can speak to a real person, in your timezone, whenever you need. Let us help you navigate the complexity.

Flexible contract options

Fixed-term, milestone or pay-as-you-go contracts

The world of work is different now. We need flexibility to always find the right candidate for the job. Bring someone in for a fixed-term, project-based, hourly or IOU (not really) contract to get the job done. Whatever way gets the best talent across the line. We got you.

Take the hassle out of pay day

Handle payroll in local currencies

Make your team feel as at home as humanly possible. When pay day comes, make sure your talent receives their pay in their local currency at no additional costs. No back and forth currency calculations ever again. See you later, SWIFT codes.

Onboarding & documentation

Centralised contractor data, onboarding & approvals

Save time and stress by housing all of your important records, contracts and documents in one place. Not to mention a thoughtful onboarding experience for you and your talent. Oh and approvals too, yep, we have approvals covered also.

I have a secret weapon now. I am a digital agency owner and finding talent is one of the biggest bottlenecks in my business. Athyna have done an amazing job!
Jessica Healy
The team at Athyna were incredibly helpful throughout the whole process of sourcing and making the hire. It was the perfect fit.
Alexander Horton
The onboarding process is amazing, but their real value is in the fact they can provide insanely valuable talent at a franction of what I’d pay locally.
Jessica Zahra
Open Roads
Athyna is incredible. If you are looking for a remote team member, do not hesitate to have Athyna handle the recruitment process for you!
Evan Flock
Garage Gym Revolution
Working with Athyna has been incredible! We found an awesome candidate and the onboarding was super smooth. Thanks Athyna!
Cam Davis
Amazing!! Love working with the whole Athyna team and am so grateful for their help. We were able to onboard the perfect addition to the team.
Chloe Morawski
Blah Blah Blah
We were at capacity and struggling to find the right creatives local to our area. Within a flash, we had onboarded a fantastic talent to support our team.
Michael Karaliamis
Motto Creative
Athyna came to us at the perfect time. The talent we were connected with was incredible and it allowed us quickly and easily enter the US market.
Ashton Mchardy
J2 Group
Seriously incredible. Recommend to any business of any size.
Athyna helped me recruit a mid-level marketing and sales professional for my business OpenRoads.cc. I have extremely high expectations of those I work with and have been burned in the past hiring the wrong people. Athyna are seriously incredible. While their onboarding process is amazing, their real value is that they provide insanely talented people at a fraction of the price I would pay (in Australia). I have recommended to six contacts already and will not hesitate to recommend to any business of any size.
Jessica Zahra
Athyna, super helpful, super professional
A bit unsure of exactly who I was after the team spent plenty of time going back and forth with me presenting potentials and making sure we recruit the right person for the job. The best part about Athyna was not their specialty in recruiting but its actually more around their advising and what i should do to solve my problem. They listened to me, made suggestions and recommendations, invested the time to find the right person, then made sure they were trained and onboarded properly and were also very approachable to ensure smooth sailing. Great service, affordable and very professional. Thanks Athyna, what a great business model!
Adam Rice
A breath of fresh air for my business
Working with Athyna has been an incredible relief for me and our ability to grow our business. Hiring has always been something we have found difficult and frustrating but though using Athyna it was very much the opposite. The team at Athyna were able to help me craft the perfect job description (E-Commerce Manager) then come back a few days later to an inbox filled with great candidates. We hired their lead recommendation who has since been excelling in the role. Having great people is a superpower in your business and I would recommend Athyna for any and all remote-recruitment needs.
Murphy Fletcher-Riley
Scope to grow my business
Working with Athyna has given me scope to grow my businesses. Faced with monotonous admin, and being a small business owner in growth mode, I was overwhelmed. I knew HOW to grow the businesses, but didn't have the bandwith to make strategic decisions. Athyna took the time to understand my unique needs for the tasks I needed done, then within a few days had presented me with great candidates, of which I am very happy with the one I onboarded.
Cameron Stow-Smith
It's a no brainer
In this post Covid world, working remotely became obvious and no longer seemed a challenge, so back in June I spoke to the team at Athyna about getting more of an insight on how they can help my business. We were at capacity but struggling to make the next step into another full time local creative. Within 2 weeks we were presented with 3 quality candidates and before we new it we had on-boarded a great creative to support out local team. The process was mach easier and less demanding compared to previous experiences and the flexibility to transition them from a 12 to 20 and ultimately a 40hr week makes it a no brainer. Building a remote team with Athyna makes sense. Useful 1 Share
Michael Karaliamis
Amazing company
Amazing company. After closing down my brick and mortar studio in Los Angeles I decided to hire a 100% remote team. Bill and Athyna helped me quickly get the job done. I was blown away with the quality of applicants and am still blown away with how well my virtual team performs. I will continue to use Athyna for all my team onboarding needs! Useful 1 Share
Dylan A Conrad
Lean business 101
Working with Athyna has been incredible! Its been so great working with Doc, he has given up so much of his time to guide me through the process, to not only make sure we found an A grade candidate, but also ensure that they where onboarded correctly and in a manner that insures they will be effective and also with us for the long run. Thanks Athyna!
Cam Davis
Athyna has been a very good business…
Athyna has been a very good business decision for me. It's given me back some time. You can't put a price on that I feel. Thanks guys!
Scott Jenkins
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