5% of all revenue funds impact-driven startups & climate tech 🌱

Impact Thesis

We are very proud of the impact flywheel we have built into our business model.
We provide employment opportunities to people in developing economies, while offering companies the opportunity to offset the carbon emissions of our talent or the talent that they bring to the platform.
We are also investing 5% of the top-line revenue from our company in impact-driven startup and climate tech.

Athyna is on a mission to help democratise opportunities across the globe,

while keeping the planet and our people at heart

Incredible opportunities for all

We support workers in developing economies

By matching talent and companies from all around the world, we even the playground and give workers the oppportunity to rise above the possibilities of their cities and into a global economy where they can grow beyond their expectations.

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Carbon offsetting

Transparent and accurate carbon offsetting

Make your team proud to protect the planet in a few clicks and we'll handle the rest. Purchase & control error-free carbon credits that are tailored to each employee's location. Do the right thing by the world and your employees and clients will thank you.

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Startup impact investment

5% of all Athyna’s revenue goes to investing into impact-driven startups

We can do a lot more supporting each other, and that’s why we have pledged to invest 5% of our annual revenue to help startups join and succeed in the fight against climate change.

Athyna For Climate

Already making the world a better place?

If you are a registered nonprofit, charity, benefit corporation or impact-driven startup with a mission to make a positive difference, you can apply to the benefits of Athyna For Climate today and enjoy our suite of products with discounts and addtional benefits.

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We built this together as a team

Values are how you act when others are not around. Here are ours.

We built this together as a team

We wanted our values to represent each one of us deciding what we want to honor, and the impact we want to generate in the world. We gathered the whole gang through a video session and using Miro boards, we contributed in real-time, sharing our perspectives and everyone had the chance to speak on what we should stand for.

We are proud to say this is Athyna.

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Come join us

We believe very much that surrounding ourselves with great people and treating them well will always win out in the long run. Makes sense right?

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“The company culture is amazing. Freedom to manage your own time and also feels great to be surrounded by talented people to learn from.”
Andres Mariño